I just can’t get enough of Australian tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil. It’s a fantastic, versatile oil to have in the house as it possesses over 92 different compounds and there are almost endless ways it can be used. From keeping skin, hair and nails healthy after showering to purifying and freshening the air and protecting your home against environmental threats, it’s a jack of all trades when it comes to essential oils. Seriously, if you were only ever going to get one essential oil – tea tree oil would be it!

What is tea tree essential oil?

Tea tree oil (scientific name: Melaleuca alternifolia) is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

The oil contains a vast number of compounds, including terpinen-4-ol. This makes tea tree oil an invaluable natural remedy for supporting the treatment of skin conditions.

Where does it come from?

Melaleuca belongs to the myrtle plant family, just like eucalyptus. It was Captain James Cook who renamed it in the 18th century. After drinking tea made from the leaves of the melaleuca tree in Australia to prevent scurvy, he dubbed it the “tea tree” and the name stuck. Melaleuca alternifolia also thrives in swampy regions of France, China, New Zealand and has been successfully introduced to the southern states of the USA, particularly Florida.

The leaves of the melaleuca tree have been used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia for centuries. They crush the leaves and inhale the oil to help with breathing and apply the leaves directly to the skin for a cooling effect. Over time, the knowledge of melaleuca’s numerous benefits spread worldwide, leading to its popular use today.

Tea tree oil is one of the most versatile oils. It is best known for its cleansing qualities for the skin.

What are the benefits of using tea tree essential oil

Melaleuca is one of the most versatile oils! It is best known for its cleansing qualities for the skin and can be used to clarify the skin and nails and to support a healthy looking complexion. Diffusing melaleuca helps create a fresh clear aroma to freshen the air.

Tea tree essential oil is also an effective choice for no-toxic home cleaning because of its antimicrobial properties.

Tea Tree’s Toxicity:

It is important to be aware that tea tree oil should not be ingested because it may be toxic if swallowed. It is also dangerous for topical use on pets unless used in very low concentration (.1% to 1%).

People with sensitive skin may experience irritation when using undiluted tea tree oil. Before using it for the first time, test a drop or two on a small area of your skin and wait 24 hours to see if any reaction occurs. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to mix tea tree oil with an equal or greater amount of doTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil.


Pete’s 5 favourite ways to use tea tree essential oil

  • 01

    After-sun spray
    Next time you deal with discomfort from too much sun, try making a cooling after sun spray with a few drops of tea tree oil diluted in aloe vera.

  • 02

    Homemade cleaner
    Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces throughout the house. This mixture will support against environmental threats, and purify surfaces with the herbaceous, green scent of tea tree oil.

  • 03

    Facial cleanser
    Try adding one to two drops of tea tree oil to your facial cleanser or moisturiser for added cleansing properties and to help keep your skin clean, toned, with a healthy appearance.

  • 04

    Revitalising room refresher
    Add two drops of lemon, two drops of eucalyptus, one drop of tea tree and one drop of peppermint to your diffuser for a rejuvenating diffuser bend that will cleanse the air and awaken your senses.

  • 05

    Fingernail & toenail health
    To keep your fingernails and toenails looking and feeling healthy after showering, first dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil, do a patch test on the skin to test for skin sensitivity, and then apply a few drops to your skin.

Want to use tea tree essential oil to support healthy living?

Health Disclaimer

Consistent with Australian and New Zealand regulations, doTERRA nor Pete Evans recommend its essential oils for internal medicinal use. Although extremely rare, reactions to essential oils occasionally arise. If a reaction occurs, it is important that the individual discontinue use of essential oils and consult with a physician.

doTERRA’s rate of adverse reactions is approximately .01 percent and doTERRA labels its products to help customers avoid any potential issues, no matter how rare. There is also additional education and training provided on the doTERRA website, in printed materials, and through in-person events.